Thursday, June 30, 2011

Princess Tiana Party Ideas - How To Plan An Unforgettable Party For Your Little Girl!

Millions have fallen in love with the Princess Tiana from Disney's The Princess and The Frog for her bubbly personality and determination to succeed in life. She knows that a little bit of hard work and determination always triumphs in the end. And little girls look up to her character as someone they want to be just like, so nothing would please her more than having a Princess Tiana-themed party. Two separate occasions when a Princess Tiana party would be appropriate include birthday parties as well as Halloween celebrations. Here are some ideas for planning your Princess Tiana party:

Birthday Parties

Children's birthday parties can be challenging to plan, especially for a first-timer. You definitely want your little girl's special day to be a joyous occasion that she and her friends will remember for years to come. And it may be a great idea to start planning sooner rather than later. In other words, give yourself at least one month in order to make sure that you have all of the essential elements necessary to pull off an incredible party.

Princess Tiana party supplies can be difficult to find in a pinch so make sure that you order exactly what you need in advance. You will need birthday invitations to send out at least one month in advance. Make sure to distribute invitations to all of her friends in school, church, or in any extracurricular activities she participates in on a regular basis. Since it is your little girl's special day, make sure she makes her grand entrance dressed as beautiful Princess Tiana.

Birthday cake is a must for any little girl's party. Store bought cake is a good choice but if your daughter prefers homemade, you can always use Princess and the Frog themed cake toppers to match the overall decor.  Another idea is to draw inspiration from Tiana herself in the movie. Have your birthday party guests play restauranteur and let them decorate their own individual cupcakes. Enter the cupcakes into a judging competition headed by your own little princess and the most creative cupcake win a prize. Another game idea is to draw some inspiration from the rich tradition of New Orleans by playing jazz music from the movie soundtrack during games like musical chairs.

Decorative streamers, tablecloths, and decorative party plates are a must, so invest in these items as well to complete the overall themed decor. Try your local stores for Princess Tiana party sets, which include all of the aforementioned items in one package, but in the event that these are unavailable in your area, you can find them online at retailers such as Birthday Express.

Halloween Parties

Halloween is another holiday celebration where parties are in order. Many families have opted to have indoors Halloween parties with friends rather than allow their child to go trick-or-treating in lieu of potential dangers. With a Halloween party, your daughter can still wear her Princess Tiana costume and have fun with her friends in style.

You may be hard-pressed to find Halloween party invitations with the Disney Princess theme, but you can always be inventive and create your own. You can have each guest arrive in their Halloween costumes - with your daughter front and center dressed as Princess Tiana. To keep your party guests occupied, have them complete coloring pages or word searches. And rather than trick or treat from door to door, how about having the kids take turns trying to break open a frog pinata filled with candy? They can stuff as much candy as they can fit into their treat bags and take them home to assess all of their loot, as is part of the fun of every kids' Halloween.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday or Halloween, a Princess Tiana costume is definitely appropriate, and with a little bit of creativity you can plan a memorable event full of laughter and cheer. And don't forget the camcorder to capture your little girl reigning in royal court as Princess Tiana on her special day.

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