Monday, June 27, 2011

Great Halloween Baby Shower Party Ideas

Having a baby shower at Halloween can be a great time to combine to fun occasions. A baby shower is a time to help out the mom to be to get the things that she and the baby need as well as a time for friends to get together. If the shower is at Halloween time, you can also include costumes to make the party even more fun. One idea is to have the guests dress up in costumes for the shower. Some ideas are baby bottles, rattles or even to dress up like an actual baby.
When thinking of decorating, you can combine both themes by searching out baby related Halloween decorations. Baby witches, ghosts and cats can be a perfect type of Halloween/baby shower decorations. Instead of baby blue, yellow and green, use orange and black color combination of Halloween.
Playing games at any baby shower is a must. There are ways that you can take the Halloween theme and give it a twist to make it more baby shower flavor. Bobbing for apples is a popular Halloween game but instead of bobbing for apples, bob for pacifiers. Try pinning the diaper on the baby instead pint the tail on the donkey. Now with this one, put up a picture of a baby, do not use a real baby, obviously. Have decorating contests where the guests have to come up with the best Halloween design for a baby tee shirt.
One of the best aspects of having a Halloween themed baby shower is that there is a wider arrange of candies that can be offered to the guests for party favors. Find some small pumpkin shaped containers and use these to put the treats in. These can be found for just a buck or two or you can use gift bags instead.
It is just good etiquette to send out thank you notes for all of the attendees. While they are at the party, give them orange envelopes that they can put their name and address on to make things easier on the new mom. When sending out these thank you notes, use a Halloween themed thank you note with baby themed pictures that keeps within the party theme.
There is no rule that states you cannot combine two parties in this way. The best part about mixing a Halloween and baby shower is that it is a party that few in attendance forget any time soon. Use a combination of baby and Halloween colors, themes and games for a great day for the mom to be.

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