Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Moon and Twilight Halloween Party Ideas

I foresee a New Moon and then an Eclipse in your future! Twilight's New Moon is due out in theaters in November...but I bet it's going to cause a huge noise in October! The Eclipse movie is due out in 2010.
You guessed it...New Moon and Twilight Halloween party ideas are going to go through the roof this Halloween season. With all the great costume and party game ideas we can get from the Twilight Saga of course it's going to be a huge dress up costume party theme.
You can have the theme of your Halloween party be The Cullen's, The Volturi, Quileute pack members or any of the Forks residents. Have a Vampire theme Halloween costume party and invite all your friends who are Twilight fans...and even those who aren't. There are so many costume ideas you can get from Stephanie Meyer's Vampire Saga. Dress like Bella Swan going to the prom, or like Alice Cullen at Bella's High School graduation party.
There's also James, Laurent and Victoria to get some fun Halloween costume ideas from. You can be Jane of the Volturi and your boyfriend can be Alex or Caius. Your more inventive car loving friends can come in car costumes. They can get some inspiration from Bella's red truck, Edward's Volvo or even Rosalie's red BMW M3 convertible. Cars can be made out of cardboard boxes and homemade box costumes are not that hard to make.
You can have a make up counter set up and let some of your talented friends become Vampire makeup artists. That will be a great time to take some photographs. Imagine how much fun it will be taking these pics. And they will make for some great photos! Pale shades of makeup, purple eye shadow, shimmery make up will be great accessories at your Vampire make up center. You can also add a little red cake decorating gel in case anyone wants to look like they've just had a little snack.
Make sure to play the movie soundtrack at your party. A little Muse, Linkin Park, Paramore and don't forget Rob Pattinson to get everyone into the Zone. Put out your books with their distinctive colors and hang up some posters of your favorite characters, whether it's Bella, Edward, Jacob or Alice, it will look festive. Twinkle lights and lots of black and red party ware will help you bring the feel of the novels to your party.
You can find and print out some bookmarks to give each of your guests. You can find these bookmarks with pictures of Kristin Stewart, Rob Pattinson, Ashley Greene and of course,Taylor Lautner, online and they're free. They would be just perfect as a party Thank You gift!
Candy Apples would make a great Twilight party favor idea for your Halloween bash, or just have them out as a party treat. Red Punch looks like something Vampires would drink. It is easy to make a batch with some ginger ale and cranberry juice. Put some raisins in your ice cube trays to add a little Halloween fun with your drinks. It will look like a bug in each ice cube. You can also get a rubber glove (make sure it's the non-allergic type) fill it with water and seal the top. Set it upright in the freezer so the water doesn't leak out. When it's frozen, take it out of the glove and you will have an Ice Hand to float in your punch bowl. All your party guests will get a good laugh over that.
Serve easy party food. You can order pizza, it's a great party food idea. It's easy to serve and to eat. Everyone loves Pizza! Have some bowls of salsa and chips, and of course, you will need some cake or cupcakes for dessert. Put an image of Bella and Edward, or the entire Twilight cast right on top of your cake or cupcakes. I'll tell you how in the resource box at the end of this article! It's easy to decorate your own party cake or cupcakes. And it's cheaper to make your own party cake, rather than order one from the bakery.
You can also use your dessert, cupcakes, as a party activity for your friends. Let them design their own Twilight cupcake. You provide the cupcakes and the decorations for them and let your friends use their imaginations to decorate their own. Have a Twilight Cupcake Decorating Contest and give the winner a "Golden Onion" or a shiny "Red Apple" as a game prize.
If you include the Werewolves in your party invitations you could always have a Werewolf Howling Contest. Why not see if some of the Vampires can't give the Quileute Pack some competition in the Wolf howling category.
Twilight Trivia or Jeopardy is a must at this Halloween party based on the Vampire Human love story. Get all your friends to think of the most difficult trivia question they know, before the party. Use their questions during your game...let's see how hard they are to answer! Make sure you have a second Golden Onion to give out as a trivia game prize!
If you can think of any party ideas to add to mine, let me know. I'm always looking for more Twilight Halloween party ideas and I am sure plenty of other Stephanie Meyer fans are looking for them too. Why not share your good party ideas with the rest of us!

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