Thursday, June 23, 2011

Halloween Decoration Ideas to Spook Up Your Party

Halloween is a holiday full of drama and entertainment for kids and grown ups alike. Colorful candies in all shapes and flavors are delightful treats for kids who go from door to door with their 'trick or treat' cries. The costumes add all the flair to the celebration; from spooky to fun dresses, it is all about fun with creative Halloween decoration ideas to lift everyone's spirits.If you are throwing a Halloween party this year, it's time to get creative and make the party something to remember. Along with the usual treats and cocktails, decorating the venue with items that blend with the overall theme is sure to make the bash a huge success. Here are some Halloween decoration ideas to help you have a fun bash:
Halloween Lights: One need not fret over creating the right light setting to set the mood of the party. There are simple ways to lighten up the party atmosphere; how about changing the regular light bulbs to colored ones, or placing colored floodlights over other decoration pieces to highlight the party's theme? You can use candles in a variety of ways as part of party decorations to transform the conventional party table into a spooky dining affair. Candles and candle holders are available in many designs, and you can use those which blend with your party's theme. Pumpkins are synonymous symbols of Halloween, and also serve as great candle holders. Illuminate the party venue with hollowed-out pumpkins which look great wherever they are placed; keep them on the main dining table, light up the porch with glowing pumpkin faces, or place some in the outdoor venue.You can hang strings of decorative lights around the table or the room to add to the overall festive occasion. Black lights are extremely popular in lighting posters, costumes, paintings etc.
Decorative Table Ideas: There are many kinds of table ware to pick from; while most of them are made from paper, one can find good quality plastic ware too. Match the plates, cups, table cloth, napkins and serving utensils so that they look part of the same theme. Say you are hosting a Vampire themed party, you can opt for red and black being the theme colors and have a red table cloth or a coffin shaped cake.
Creative Center Pieces: Using a carved pumpkin is the commonest idea for a center piece. For a themed party, the pumpkin can be carved to resemble the theme; placing a candle within also adds the overall look. You may choose to decorate your table with flowers of the autumn season for a more serene look, or place glow sticks in a bowlful of ice for special effects, or create a creepy look with black ribbons and dried flowers and branches.
Design Your Punch Bowls for Special Effect: Let your guests take their drinks from a skeleton punch bowl, complete with a skeleton ladle and cups, or a creepy looking spider web bowl. The idea is to impart a spooky touch to almost everything!
Thus, with all this Halloween party stuff to help you decorate your home for the next Halloween party, let your creativity lead the way into a fun-filled bash.

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