Sunday, June 26, 2011

Halloween Dog Party Ideas

Who said Halloween Party's are only for kids? These days it seems like our dogs are more and more a part of our extended family. Why not throw a party for them and some of their 4-legged friends this Halloween or any time throughout the year?
If your planning this for Halloween of course you want to find the perfect costume and there are a variety of them out there to choose from for any personality. This year I'm dressing my dog up in the devil dog costume. He has been going through a phase where he has forgotten all etiquette. For a day I will let him live out the name but just for the day.
Here are some things to think about while planning the day
Pick your day and plan your guest list (Make sure everyone gets along.) Try to keep number of dogs at a minimal to avoid any incidents. Send Out Your Invites addressed to the dog of course with time, location and date. You can hold this party at your own house or if it's not feasible check with any of your local dog parks or doggy daycare centers. They are usually more than happy to oblige because you are bring potential customers to them.
Plan your snacks by visiting any of the multitudes of Dog Bakery's out there or make your own snacks. There are a number of simple recipes online to make your own cookies. Use a bone shaped cookie cutters and decorate how you wish. Many of these bakeries will also bake a theme cake for whatever occasion you're celebrating. Keep in mind that some dogs can be food aggressive so check with the owner before serving any snacks.
Get your decorations & prizes for games, make it fun remember this party is going to the dogs. Plan your decorations & prizes around the theme of your party.
Prepare goodie bags for all the dogs. This is nice to give out as everyone is leaving to remember you by. Some ideas for your bags may include any variety of chew toys, stuffed animals, poop bags, greenies or cookies with the guests name on them.
Make sure you have your area fenced off where you want to keep the dogs contained. Have lots of poop bags on hand as well as plenty of water put out for them to drink. All that playing will work up a thirst. Remember to have an area set aside for time outs if any of the dogs need a break.
What's a party without games? One of my favorites is bobbing for hot dogs. Get a big tub of water and cut hot dogs into chunks and put in the tub. Whoever can get the most hot dogs out of the tub in allotted time wins a prize. Another fun game is to see what dog knows the most commands? This is a great time for the owners as well as the dogs to show their skills. Of course you could setup an agility course if you have the room to do so and create games out of that. How about a game of hide & seek or most dog/owner lookalike contest?
The possibilities are endless! Most important is to make it a fun day for the dogs. The owners will be thrilled when their dog is pooped out at the end of the day!

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