Monday, June 27, 2011

Kids Halloween Party Ideas For a Ghoulish Gathering

Kids Halloween party ideas don't need to be scary in order for kids to have fun. A little bit of spooky goes a long way in making the party a success. Activities can revolve around a masquerade party. Hunting for candy or doing the piƱata thing is also fun. Some other ideas that kids like are face painting and hand painting.
Carving Halloween pumpkins is also a traditional practice that is enjoyed by all, though supervision and adult help is always a good idea with this. If you don't want to carve pumpkins, you can simply paint faces on them. You can also paint faces on the little gourds that you find in the grocery stores. They have a bumpy texture to their skin and are narrow at the top and fat at the bottom. This allows for some interesting effects. They look cool with hats put on them and make interesting little heads to decorate a table with. They can also be hung on the wall.
Making ghosts are also fun kids Halloween party ideas. You make the first part with a sock so that you have a sock puppet form and then you drape the material that you will use for the outside of the ghost over top. Make sure that it is long enough to cover down to the elbow, giving a better flowing effect. Candy arcades to replace penny arcades and simple mystery games can be fun for kids, depending on the age group. Talking to your kids and finding out from them what they think would be is always a good idea. After that, let your imagination and creativity flow.

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