Sunday, August 14, 2011

Throw a Dracula Dinner Bash for a Frightening Halloween Party

All set to sink your fangs into a Halloween sit-down feast?

Step #1: Plan your celebration for the actual day of Halloween -- Sunday, October 31st.

If that date doesn't work for you, think about dining on the every bit as scary eve of the full moon on Saturday, October 23rd.

Step #2: Setting The Table

Orange, Black & white, and blood red are the traditional colors of the damned, which means that you should set your stage in accordance with that. Begin with blood-red, orange or black placemats or a table runner, all with coordinating napkins and napkin rings. Color- coordinated dinnerware will have monsters' mouths watering, and blood-red crackle-glass stemware delivers a gothic, medieval feel to your table. Designed for your centerpiece, load a tall container with willow branches that you have glittered, encircled with votive candles and fun Halloween confetti. For placeholders, use red apples with your guests' nametags skewered to the stems.

Step #3: Choosing The Meal

Oh, wait a minute -- vampires of the underworld never consume food! Which will mean you are going to have to get imaginative with a few blood-inspired dishes. Begin with a soup of cool homemade borscht (and never mind the gagging, it's actually quite tasty) capped with a spoonful of sour cream. Either good rare lamb chops or perhaps steaks (not to be confused with stakes) are usually always welcome. For a side dish, some spaghetti topped by a hot and spicy red sauce always goes great. Oh, and don't neglect a salad to keep the annoying vegan vampires happy. As a dessert, consider Red Velvet cupcakes with a yummy cream cheese frosting.

Step #4: Pouring The Drinks

Ah, it really gets fun now! You can make bloody-looking goblets simply by dipping the rims directly into corn syrup mixed with red food dye and then turning them upright to let the goo drip on down the sides of the glasses. After this has had a chance to set, fill the glasses with cranberry juice and ice cubes made with red food coloring (and you can even freeze plastic bugs or spiders inside them, if you dare). Or perhaps forget about ice altogether and just go with a good Pinot Noir, Merlot, or Cabernet. Everybody knows the undead really love their spirits.

Step #5: Designing The Decor

Consider decorations that are luxurious and captivating, like vibrant red, gold or purple (or even black) window curtain panels. Gleaming glass flower vases packed with apples or shiny glass beads of coordinating colors. Make bloody candles by simply dripping melted red candle wax onto white candles. Group plastic or silk plants and trees all around the party room for a woodsy feel, and then spice them up with tiny white twinkle lights to help take advantage of the magic. Finally, put on a creepy music soundtrack and take a seat at the dinner table.

Bone appetit!

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