Sunday, August 14, 2011

Halloween Food Ideas: Three Cute Cupcakes to Make

If you are looking for dessert ideas for your Halloween party or kids party, you don't need to go through a lot of work. What could be more popular these days than cupcakes? These three cute cupcakes are easy to make, and the kids can even help with them.

Start with cupcakes baked in liners. You can find specially decorated holiday-themed paper liners for sale in the grocery or specialty stores. You can even purchase some already made, and just do the decorations yourself, if you prefer.

1. Nummy Mummies

Use any flavor cupcake you like, and a light or cream-colored frosting. You'll need two brightly colored, small round candies for eyes, two per cake.

Spread some frosting along the top edge and a little ways down the cake. Think of this as the bandage going over the mummy's head. Leave an unfrosted area below that, just large enough for the eyes to peek out.

Add more frosting below the eyes, to cover the rest of the cake. Dip the eyes into a small amount of frosting to help them stick, then place them on the cake.

2. Vampires

Use any flavor of cupcake and a light colored frosting. You'll also need either red gel icing or frosting, plus some fruit leather, chocolate modeling clay, or a darker frosting, but that's optional. You can make the whole thing in red.

Spread frosting all over the cake. With the red icing, draw a curved line for a smile. Then make two triangles from either red icing, or cut them from fruit leather and add them to the mouth.

Use two dots of frosting, or balls of modeling chocolate for eyes. To make hair, use a narrow triangle, either cut from fruit leather, or use frosting. Have the narrow point down, towards the eyes, to look like a widow's peak.

3. Skulls

Use any flavor of cupcake, plus a light frosting. You'll also need a darker frosting or chocolate modeling clay.

Spread frosting in a skull shape. Make a figure eight shape, but keep the upper section bigger, and make the lower section with straight sides.

Using frosting or chocolate clay, make two ovals for eyes. Make two tiny ovals or lines for nostrils. And make three narrow vertical lines below that for the teeth.

There you have it. Three easy, cute Halloween cupcake decorating ideas that you don't need any fancy skills to make. They'll be a hit at your next party.

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