Saturday, August 6, 2011

October is Halloween Party Time!

Why not have a Halloween party this year, after all, Halloween is the second most celebrated holiday in our country. Christmas is the first most celebrated holiday, and the most decorated. But October 31st is second in the house decorating department. You will see many houses with Spooky decorations and lots of kids in unique's a real treat!

Are you wondering how to plan your Halloween party? Don't, it's easy and it's fun. Read about how to plan a party and give yourself plenty of time to arrange the details. Allowing yourself more time than you need to plan your party will help you to plan a stress free event! This means you can have fun right along side of your guests!

How to Plan a Halloween Party

Planning your Halloween party will be as easy as A B C, once you are familiar with the basics. The first thing to plan is how many people you are going to invite. So make a list of the people you'd like to come to your party.

Then decide what kind of party it's going to be. Is it going to be a costume party, a horror movie marathon or just a holiday get together with some interesting foods and a few parlor party games.

Party Invitations

Then buy or make your party invitations, fill them out with all the details...what kind of theme, time, date, place and an RSVP phone number. Now you can mail the invitations out! You can use snail mail or if you are a savvy computer user, send them out over the Internet using a service like Evite. (That will also save you the trouble of buying or making them!)

Decorating Ideas

Next, it's time to plan your decorations. This is the fun part. You can "window shop" online right from your own home. There are dozens of Halloween themes you can use. The difficult part is choosing one. Of course, there are pumpkins, monsters, witches, famous Hollywood couples, a fortune telling event and many more. Buy some colorful and fun theme party plates and cups, get some cut out decorations to hang up, and perhaps some orange lights for the outside of your home.

Fun Food Ideas

As the party date approaches it's time to begin thinking about the food you will be serving. You can set up a buffet table with some scary looking, fun food dishes like Deviled Eyes, or Graveyard Cake. Dips and appetizers are easy to make and serve and they are easy dishes to eat. Whatever you decide to serve make it look festive. You can put some raisins in your ice cubes and make it look like there are bugs in the drinks, or you can put a frozen ice hand in the punch bowl.

Get Out The Costumes

If you are having a costume party make sure to get some prizes for the best costume, the funniest costume, the biggest costume and the littlest costume! Have a dance contest and call it the "Monster Mash" or play some "Horror Movie Charades or Trivia". If you decided to have a Horror Movie Marathon, get some red food coloring and add it to your popcorn butter! Whatever type of party you decide have lots of fun this Halloween!

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