Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Easy Outdoor Decorating For Halloween

Are you ready to scare the dickens out of the neighborhood kids? While doing Halloween decorations for the outside of the house try to keep in mind that the shabbier or shaggier something looks, the better it is. This is Halloween and things should look old and scary.

I always like the look of the ghosts dangling from my trees and eaves. However, I lived in Illinois where it was wet most of the time and my sheet ghost always looked deflated from being wet. I got this idea several years ago to make them from white plastic garbage bags. They held their shape and took a beating in the rain and came out looking fine.

We would take a lawn chair and place it in the front of the house close to the door. Then we gathered clothes (old ones) and pinned the shirt to the pants and stuffed it with straw or news papers. We put gloves on for hands old boots for feet, and a piece of cloth stuffed with straw for a head. Place a scary mask on it with a hat and put a broom or rake in its hand with rubber bands. Now place it in the chair and you have a scary guard at your front door. You might want to drape him with some spider webs.

Spread some cob webs across the front lawn and around the door. Buy a large spider and place it high above the door to make it look like it will drop on some ones head.

Scary music being played out a window nearby really gives it an eerie effect.

Place silhouettes in the windows with black plastic cling wrap, like they used to black out car windows, of a person hanging in an upstairs room.

Make a cemetery out of your front yard with painted tombstones made out of Styrofoam. Place some larger ghosts around the stones.

Be sure to have fun. All these ideas are inexpensive and easy to do. You can also always go out and buy many things for decorating your yard. Oh yeah and don't forget to put up some lights, orange or green in color so it will appear darker without being too hard to see up the walk. And be sure to have plenty of smelling salts on hand for the weak at heart.

You will be a spooktacular hit in your neighborhood and at your party.

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