Sunday, August 14, 2011

Five Monster Fun Halloween Ideas

So are you thinking maybe you want to have a Halloween party or maybe want to impress a group of friends by bringing a creepy, unique looking Halloween dish that will be quite a conversation piece?

Here are some fun easy ideas that can make ready-made foods into awesome festive snacks people will love.

1. Ritzy the snake. You got it, ritz crackers, with a touch of M & M minis, black ball nonpareils, used to decorate cookies which can be found in any grocery store, laffy taffy and peanut butter. Stretch out a line of ritz crackers just as you would a falling line of dominos join each ritz cracker together with peanut butter, with the last ritz cracker laying down flat and half a ritz cracker up right in the middle of the flat cracker, this will be used as the snakes face. Use the M & M minis as the snake eyes with the black ball nonpareils as the tiny eyeball pupils and as the snake nostrils. The M & M minis can be used as buttons on every other ritz cracker on the snakes body with the peanut butter as the glue. Cut a long, narrow strip of either green or red laffy taffy as the snakes slithery tongue, creating a small hole as the mouth to place the laffy taffy in and tah dah, an adorable decorative snake sure to be a conversation piece.

2. The green evil eye. Use carved out green apples with gummy fruit pieces as eyeball parts and black frosting as eyebrows and pupils with white frosting as accent and to act as the glue. Begin with a nice crispy green apple at room temperature making it easier to carve a round shallow hole out and making it easy for parts to stick together, place a gummy fruit circle in the middle of the carved out hole in the apple using the white frosting as the glue and painting the gummy fruit circle black with the black frosting. In the center of the black painted gummy fruit circle build up an eyeball with the white frosting, put a black dot in the center of the white eyeball with the black frosting or maybe use a dark-chocolate chip as the dot if that would be easier. Use a cake decorating tool to paint a black frosting eyebrow around the top of the carved apple edge or maybe a black ready-to-use fondant, a cake-decorating ingredient available in craft stores if drawing is not your thing. You can create as many evil apple eyes as you like and all pieces and parts are edible.

3. Brains, gooey brains. Peeling away the rind, use a honeydew melon to create a very realistic monsterous brain. Use a paring knife or an X-Acto knife to cut deep slashes or deep long cuts into it, just as you see on a human brain. Then place the melon into a large mixing bowl. In a second mixing bowl, mix up four 3-ounce packages of strawberry-flavored or a red Jell-o of your choice, per the directions given on the back of the package. Pour the Jell-0 over the melon until the deep grooves are each filled and the melon is completely covered with the gelatin. Refrigerate overnight, then scoop out the size of melon, or brain you desire, with a large spoon or spatula and scrape away some of the gelatin.

4. Ghostly. This little decorative idea is very simple, but soo much fun. Use a clear plastic or glass drinking glass, fill it up with milk. Decorate the drinking glass with black fabric tape or with black electrical tape cutout eyes. Cut out oval dots in the desired eye size, then cut a C-shape at the top corner of the oval black dot, and place them 3 or 4 inches down from the top edge of the drinking glass. Simple, yet very cute little ghosts.

5. Monster spiders. Begin this little project with a dark chocolate clear plastic dessert cup for the spider body, and fill it with ready-made dark chocolate mousse, piped from a decorating bag fitted with a 1 m tip. Break chocolate-covered pretzels into pieces to use as spider legs. Use a chocolate truffle as the arachnid head and attach small candy icing eyeballs with a tiny amount of melted chocolate in the center of the white candy eyeball. Use melted chocolate as the glue to attach each piece. On the spiders back, use 4 or 5 brightly colored red or orange M & M minis and line them up in a straight line as a creepy spider spine. Before placing the spider on a plate, use a white plate and with a bamboo skewer draw long u-shaped lines of raspberry and yellow mango dessert sauces on the entire plate to look like a large web, then place the spider in the middle of the plate. Tah dah, a gnarly looking edible spider.

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