Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Choosing Scary Halloween Sounds For Your Halloween Party

Halloween sounds are the most important part of your Halloween Party. Many people tend to focus on decorations and costumes during this time of year. While a party would be alright without these scary sounds, the parties that do have them tend to be big hits.

Before you go out and pick up any sounds, you must make certain that they fit in with your theme. Once established you will be able to select the tunes that are going to be essential for your event and take it up to the next level.

Typically you will want to avoid certain sounds that are considered scary, but quickly become some of the most annoying sounds possible. A screaming cat can jolt fear in a person on occasion, but when you have it on repeat, people will start to find that it grates on their nerves. A more effective sound would be the howling of the wind.

Most of these tracks tend to last a considerable amount of time, and the howling mixed with the occasional clanking of chains or even squeaks that appear will send a chill down a person's back. This makes it one of the most effective Halloween sounds you will encounter and you might find people are looking around in fear as you play this track.

If you have a haunted house theme, cackling witches and ghost moans are effective. You just need to be certain they are evenly spread out on the track. Constant moaning and cackling will lose its effectiveness. Try to find a set of tracks that have a mixture of noises that will help you to bring out the fear in the mood.

With the wind blowing and the creaking of an old floorboard these sounds when mixed in sparingly, you get the ultimate mix. In addition, if you can find chimes and organ music they will enhance the level of fear that your guests begin to feel.

Be sure that you keep the environment to match the mood that the music sets to enhance the fun that everyone has as well. If you have a haunting tone usually a brightly lit party zone with colorful balloons isn't the best solution.

Of course if you are looking for a light hearted concept, you can play some of the more classic Halloween songs that are available. "Monster Mash" is one of the best known tunes for this time as is "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. Begin to compile a list of songs that would make for a fun Halloween theme party. Some other suggestions would include:

• A Nightmare on my Street by DJ Jazzy

• Ghost Busters by Ray Parker Jr.

• Halloween Theme Song

• Friday the 13th Theme Song

• This is Halloween by Marilyn Manson

• Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley

• Tubular Bells

• X-Files Theme Song

This is just a number of ideas you can use. Depending on the theme of your party and musical tastes of your guests you can add additional songs as well. Just remember that some songs can be intense and not appropriate for all ages. Take that into consideration as you begin to create your ultimate playlist filled with the best Halloween sounds available. Most of all enjoy this remarkable holiday. is a very informative and resourceful Halloween website for Halloween Costumes and all your Halloween Music that you will be looking for.

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