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How to Choose a Halloween Party Theme

When deciding on a party theme, there are several factors to consider. Not all of them will apply to your party, but it might be a good idea to give them a thought just in case.


The first thing that you will want to consider is your guests. Probably the most important aspect is the age group. If the party is going to be composed only of adults, then you have a little more leeway in picking a theme and planning food and drinks. If kids are going to be present, be sure to let the other guests know so that they can plan appropriate costumes. As the host, it is also your responsibility to provide entertainment for the kids, so you should have some fun Halloween games, and maybe a prize or two, ready to go.


Some themes are much easier to decorate for than others. When was the last time you tried to make your house look like a view from under the ocean? While complex themes like space and the jungle can be fun, and can provide people with great costume opportunities, they're also hard to decorate for. Themes like a decade, i.e. the 50's and 60's, are much easier to decorate for, but are also already popular themes. Some themes, like a Greek theme or an Egyptian theme, are somewhere in between.


Along the same lines as decorating, food can be tough to prepare for themes that push the traditional boundaries. Luckily, a quick search on Google will usually turn up at least a few themed recipes for almost any idea, but some of them can be time consuming and require advanced baking skills. Certain themes have lots of foods associated with them already, and you can always take a few shortcuts and just make cookies that look like something from the theme.


The more space you have for your party, the easier it is to come up with activities. Most party games can be tweaked to make them applicable, but certain themes just lend themselves to games better. Once again decades are really easy to plan for, especially if most of the guests lived through the decade that you choose. If only adults are attending the party, you might not need activities, but it can still be fun to play a game or two as the night goes on. If you can't think of one or two activities for your theme right away, you might have to do some research.

Party Theme Ideas

The Traditional Party

A traditional Halloween party takes the themes that most people associate with Halloween and puts them into party form. Decorations are usually geared towards the haunted house look and guests are asked to dress up. One of the great things about throwing a traditional Halloween party is that people can dress up however they want. You can also set a theme, but it makes more sense to decorate for a certain theme if you want people to all dress in a similar fashion.

Prehistoric Party

Cavemen, Cavewomen, dinosaurs and sabertooth tigers, what could be more fun than a prehistoric party? Unfortunately, planning a party with such an elaborate theme can be time consuming. Decorating for this theme is especially hard. Make foods simple, think foraged berries and nuts as well as some kind of meat; kabobs are always a big hit. For activities you can play Spell that Dinosaur.

Undersea Party

Like the prehistoric party, the undersea party has great costume and decorating potential if you're willing to put time into it. Once again food is pretty easy, just serve seafood and fish crackers! For games you could have a Go Fish tournament.

Space Theme

Prepare to have your house invaded, there are sure to be plenty of aliens that show up. This theme also has the added bonus of having a rich history of characters like Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. Decorating is pretty easy, just put up some stars and a few planets; food is the real struggle with this one. You could make oddly shaped brownies and have them be edible moon rocks.

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