Friday, August 5, 2011

Decorative Dolls For Halloween: A Festive Option

Many people around the world are very passionate for all kinds of dolls. For some it is an expression of innocence, some admire the craftsmanship and some just like the way they are dressed up. While many people are very serious about them, other people have only a passing interest. For either group, decorative dolls are a festive way to liven up any holiday.

While many people do not actually display decorative dolls in their home every day of the year, they can provide a bit of levity on any number of holidays. Halloween is the ideal holiday to introduce the concept of the doll as decoration to one's home. Halloween decorations for the home can run the range from very serious, intricate and possibly scary to simple pumpkins. Try bringing in a few costumed witches, goblins and ghosts or cheerful jack-o-lantern characters. A few decorative dolls, dressed up in appropriate Halloween costumes, can be a nice middle ground between scary things and too boring pumpkins.

But where does one find these kinds of decorative dolls and incorporate them into their Halloween decorations for the home? Well, these items can come from almost anywhere. They are often handed down from generation to generation in families, but can now be found from reputable online dealers. Some are hand crafted with special costumes and individually painted faces or may be part of a unique release collection each year.

A doll does not need to be a fancy, pretty or made-up thing to be effective in home decorations. This is true for holidays and especially for Halloween decorations. Halloween is the season for the weird and the wonderful. Being creative in the choice of the doll and decorative style can open up a wide world of choices. Animals are especially useful during this season. There many kinds of animals that can be used during Halloween. An animal doll dressed up as a human character or in a human situation or pose can provide an extra measure of strangeness to any home's Halloween decorations. An animal or human doll suspended from the ceiling or perched on a shelf can provide a unique look or option as well.

When choosing what to use in Halloween decorations for the home, one does not have to be constrained by the traditional idea of what makes a doll. Think of them more like decorative showpieces that liven up the atmosphere and welcome the trick-or-treaters or party-goers to the home. Decorative dolls can be used to brighten up most any holiday. Halloween is an appropriate holiday for this because there are so many choices, and because of the chances to use a doll that may be a little more non-traditional.

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