Saturday, August 13, 2011

Have A Home Bar Halloween Party

When that time of year rolls around when the days get gradually cooler and the trees change color, It is time to plan a Halloween party around your home bar. Home bars are great "centerpieces" in which to focus on the theme of your party. They are a natural place for guests to get acquainted and food and beverages to be served.This article will focus on some ideas for party themes, favors, decorations and entertainment.

When all is said and done, a Halloween party would not be complete without costumes. Your decision on costumes has everything to do with the selection of the theme of your party, and the guests you intend to invite. Some party themes will probably require that you and your guests rent or purchase professionally designed costumes. If you feel renting or purchasing costumes will be necessary, consult with your guests first. On the other hand, some party themes will be easily suited to homemade costumes. Let your imagination be your guide.

A theme that is easily adapted to your home bar would be a "wild west" theme. All your guests should be given a particular "character" to play. The females should probably uniformly be "saloon girls", as they were the only women allowed in saloons. If you have a friend with a bushy mustache, he could be the bartender. Just slick back his hair and give him an apron or vest. A fun form of entertainment would be to have a "gunfight" between a designated marshall and a wanted "bad" guy. Water pistols only, of course! Tables could be set up for poker and black jack games, with an appropriately dressed dealer. Whole peanuts in the shell and pretzels are perfect snacks "of the day."Make sure that you have mugs for the beer and old fashioned shot glasses for decoration.

If your home bar has a "retro" theme, a "Star Wars" theme could be great fun. Most of us remember the famous futuristic bar scene from Star Wars. You could attempt to duplicate some of the characters who appeared in the scene, as well as the traditional members of the cast. For a "Star Wars" theme, you are probably going to need professional costumes and props.Fun drink selections would consist of the imaginative use of food colorings."The music might be hits from the 50's or 60's, which is certainly ironic in a futuristic gathering. Another fun activity would be to play charades in costume. That is always good for a few laughs!

A couple of final party theme ideas would be a "gypsy"theme. You could have Tarot card and palm reading as entertainment. Or even a 60's and 70's theme, complete with bell bottoms and "Beatle" wigs. The point of the party is to have fun and "cut loose."Please remember to plan ahead, Halloween is right around the corner. Happy Halloween!

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