Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Rock Your Halloween Ghoul Fest

Pumpkins and candles just can't cut the Halloween decoration thing on their own. If you're planning a Halloween party, you'll need decorations and a theme and you'll need them both to be really great. The pumpkin and jack o' lantern theme has gotten old; so old that jack 'o lanterns are that thing you expect to be lying on just about everyone's porch.

There are two directions you can take; either traditional with a new or unique twist or totally new and bizarre. Whatever you choose to do, it doesn't have to be very expensive. If you're taking the traditional way then you'll need a lot of pumpkins and lots of ideas to make them look like more than just Jack o' lanterns. A really easy way to decorate your home is to take lots of tombstones made from Styrofoam and create a neat and well aligned grave yard in your front yard. Add a jack o' lantern to each grave and it will look like a pumpkin vigil on your doorstep.

To give your Halloween arrangements a new and bizarre look, think of those unconventional things that give you the creeps. Spiders are the traditional bugs that people use in Halloween decorations; consider other ones like dragon flies and leaf or stick insects. You can make them easily at home using straws and stuff. Use lots of green and yellow lights to make your home look like a breeding nest for creepy bugs.

You can add some fake bugs to your food table as well or just make the food unique. Put out dishes of chocolate dipped bananas and dark and white chocolate strawberries and add small fake spiders to the dish.

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