Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Decorating Your Dorm Room For Halloween

Many colleges are known for throwing parties all year long. Although there are many parties that go on throughout the year Halloween is one of the top parties to have. If you or someone you know is throwing a Halloween dorm room party, you can make this project a lot of fun! To have one of the best Halloween parties you need to be really creative. Need some ideas on how you can have a Halloween theme in your dorm room? Read below for some fun ideas.

Food & Dessert - Since most parties have some type of food at them you may want to consider this. Try to have some Halloween theme going on with your food. Look for some fun recipes for both food and desserts. Whether you make cookies shaped as Halloween creatures or a dish that resembles Halloween it will help. It doesn't need to be anything expensive just something simple, and fun.

Dishes - You can get some cheap silverware and dishes at your local grocery store for really cheap. By getting these you're not only saving a huge mess of dishes to clean up but your adding more to your Halloween theme. Around the Halloween season there are many decorated utensils and plates.

Party Decorations - You can get some fun streamers, banners or confetti that all represent Halloween. These are all really cheap and basically make the Halloween theme for the dorm room. Go to your nearest party store and they should have plenty.

Dress up - Make sure no one attends the party unless they are dressed up. Getting dressed up for Halloween is something everyone looks forward to. Costumes make a Halloween party even more fun.

Movie & Music - Have some kind of background noise that relates to Halloween. Check out your local movie store and see what the top Halloween movies are. If the party gets dull this is a great way to liven it up by throwing in a movie. This is a great way for people to sit down, relax and enjoy the party. Also the music is just a nice little ad to the Halloween theme.

Having parties like these are what makes college memories. It is always fun to get together with your close friends, take a break from school and have some fun. If the party seems a little hectic to host simply ask your friends who will be attending the party if they can bring some kind of dish when they come. This will cut down on the cooking for you and create even more fun for the people that will be coming. Also if you have someone else doing some cooking you get to see what creative ideas they come up with for the food and desserts. Be sure to have some fun, take a break from the studying, and bring out your camera to save and capture some of the great memories you have that night with your friends.

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