Monday, August 15, 2011

Halloween Favors - Choose Among Many Options

Halloween parties are gaining in popularity for kids and adults alike. Costumes have become more sophisticated, decorations much improved and the quality and selection of Halloween favors are better than ever.

Edible Halloween favors will always be beloved. And if you make them yourselves they are low in cost. Need inspiration for some homemade treats? Turn to Google Images for endless possibilities. Go to and then select Images from the choices in the upper left corner of the webpage. Type in either "Halloween Cookies" or "Halloween Cupcakes" and you'll be amazed by how many cookies and cupcakes you can choose from! Print out the ones you like best and then go for it! You can obtain terrific Halloween cookie cutters at many stores and certainly online.

Other easy and fun treats include decorated caramel corn balls, dipped pretzels, and rice crispy treats.  Place each item in a cello bag, tie it with a black or orange ribbon, and you have a finished Halloween favor.

If your baking and decorating skills are not your strong suit, or you don't have the time to do it yourself, leave it to the professions.   They have some really impressive offerings including bat cookies, skeletons, ghosts, monsters and, of course, pumpkins!

Non Edible Favors: Candle favors are perfect for this holiday. Search for votive holders that have a 'Halloween' motif including black and orange. An orange colored votive is perfect for the holder! (Black, too, if you can find them). Halloween party cups have also become popular. These are made from acrylic (so durable) and typically have a Halloween motif on them. Ultra cool party cups have 'compartment' bottoms that include a Halloween scene within the compartment.

If your party is before Halloween, you can give away glowing or blinking bracelets, necklaces, or buttons. They are both fun and practical, as they can be used to be spotted on the evening when you will be trick or treating.

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