Thursday, September 2, 2010

Halloween Haunted House


We love Halloween and we love our home-made haunted house! Every year, our whole family, plus some friends and neighbors, work together to transform our front yard into a haunted graveyard and our house into a spooky mansion. Our costumed visitors usually gaze in wonder. They approach our house wondering if they should run away or join the fun.

halloween haunted house

Haunted houses are one of the best of all party themes for Halloween. You will need some props if you've decided to have a party, or even if you just intend to scare a few trick-or-treaters.
To make it convincing you'll have to go further than just a scary scream or two, but that is an excellent place to start. Think back to all the stories you've been told, or even better, if you've been to the haunted house ride at your local fair or theme park, to get some good ideas.

haunted house

Haunted houses are an assult on the senses all of them: sound, sight, touch and taste. This is where you really need to start looking for props. The lighting should be dim, your guests should bump into things, unexpected screams in the dark and unexpected textures where they least expect them.

This sounds very expensive, but it doesn't have to be, There are lots of places you can purchase props online at reasonable or even cheap prices. The props featured in this article have been sourced from Amazon exclusively because of the price factor, and because they are available easily, and you have the backing of a large organisation when buying.


Halloween Haunted House
Halloween haunted house

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