Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ghosts and Goblins Party


Give your guests a chill thrill with a Ghosts and Goblins party! Improvise your garage or your backyard into either a haunted house or a scary cemetery. Remember, the party should not be anything less than frightening.


1. Make masks from stiff cardboard, cut to fit the faces. Decorate the masks with puff paints, sequins, stickers and feathers to turn them into whatever you like- Frankestein, Wolfman, Freddy, Jason, foe example. Write the party details on the other side of the masks. Attach an elastic string through holes on either side of each mask. Send the masks to guests for an inviting scare. Have the guests wear wear their masks to the party.

2. For added fun, fill the invitation envelopes with a few plastic bugs, ants, or gummy worms.

Graveyard Cake

1. Bake a chocolate cake; cool.

2. Top with softened chocolate wafer cookies to look like finely ground dirt and sprinkle over ice-cream.

3. Stick lolly snakes into the cake, half-in and half-out.

4. Stick oval cookies into the cake to make gravestones. Write funny names on the "graves" with piping bags.

5. Refreeze before serving so the ice cream doesn't melt.



1. Ask the invitees to come dressed as a favorite monster, creepy creature or bad guy.

2. Award prizes for all kinds of costume categories, such as Scariest, Funniest, Hardest to Make, Hardest to Wear, Most Creative, Most Authentic, Most Disgusting and so on.

3. When the kids arrive, provide them with sheets of colored crepe paper, tape, string and a stapler, and let them design their own costumes.


1. Create a haunted house in the garage or party room. Cover the windows with black paper and set up scary stations. Have the guests weave through the haunted house one at a time.

2. Set up a Mad Scientist Laboratory. Have someone dress as a Frankenstein monster and lie on a table among bubbling concoctions (use dry ice and colored water in clear bowls). Add kitchen utensils, such as tongs, basters and a garlic press, to serve as bizarre scientific instruments.

3. Make a Deadbody Storehouse. Dress friends as accident victims, with torn clothes and fake blood and scars. Have them lie on the floor and come to life from to time, by sitting up, grabbing a passing foot or something.

4. Make a Witches Cauldron. Dress the witches in long, grey wigs and black dresses, color their fingernails black, black out a tooth or two and have them stir a cauldron with a broom. Inside the cauldron place wet noodles or jelly.

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