Saturday, September 18, 2010

Halloween Decoration

Halloween Decoration: Staircase Vines

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: Long natural or artificial vines, like grapevines; Chinese lanterns; assorted real or artificial leaves; large rubber bugs.


1. Wrap vines around stair rails and posts, tucking in ends.

2. Tuck lantern stems between vines.

3. Scatter leaves around base of stairs (keep out of traffic path) and tuck some between vines.

4. Tuck bugs between vines and at base of posts.

halloween decoration ideas

     Halloween Decoration: Lanterns
Cast a glow with these lanterns made from old milk cartons, wire hangers, black construction paper and orange tissue paper. Black and orange crepe paper streamers make a festive finish.

Skill Level: Beginner
Materials: Milk or juice cartons, cleaned and dried; craft knife; ruler; pencil; scissors; black Krylon spray paint; black construction paper; orange tissue paper; double-stick tape; decorative-edge scissors; hole punch; wire cutters; wire hanger; needlenose pliers; crepe paper streamers: orange, black; battery-operated tea lights.

1. Cut slanted top off carton. Measure and mark a rectangle on each side of carton, leaving a 3/4-inch “frame” around each; cut out rectangles to make windows.

2. Paint carton; let dry.

3. Measure, mark and cut a piece of construction paper to the size of each window; mark window size in center of each paper.

4. Enlarge cutout patterns,  to fit within window marks on each piece of construction paper. Place pattern on paper; using tip of craft

knife, cut out designs.

5. Cut a piece of tissue paper same size as each piece of construction paper. Using double-stick tape, attach tissue paper behind each design, then use more tape to attach these pieces inside carton to make lantern.

6. Measure and mark two 1½-inch-wide strips of construction paper; cut out with decorative scissors. Tape strips together at one end, then tape inside upper edge of lantern.

7. Punch holes in centers of two opposite sides of lantern, just below paper trim.

8. Cut straight bottom off wire hanger. Bend each cut end 2 inches from end to form hooks. Paint handle; let dry. Insert a hook end into each hole on lantern; bend and twist ends to secure.

9. Cut streamers to desired lengths; tape to bottom edges of lantern.

10. Place a tea light inside. Do not keep lit when unattended

hallowen decoration ideas

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