Saturday, September 18, 2010

Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults & Children


The tradition of children wearing Halloween costumes originated from when the Celts lit bonfires and dressed up during ceremonies celebrating Samhain. Decked out in animal heads and full animal skin costumes, they proceeded to read each other's fortunes and tell stories.

The costume tradition made it's way to America and took on another form. On Halloween, it was believed that the spirits and ghosts of the dead came back to roam the earth. People then wore masks and "dressed up" in an outfit to look like one of the spirits to avoid being recognized as one of the living.

Finding that perfect Halloween costume can be a challenging task and is best planned well in advance. While there are easy costumes available in stores, it may be more practical and even realistic to try a homemade one. From adults to teens to kids, funny to scary, below are some cool Halloween costume ideas (some naughty, some nice, some unique) to get you started.

Costumes & Characters

Action Hero (Superman, Spiderman, etc.) Adams Family Character, Airplane Pilot, Alien, American Idol, Angel, Animal, Arabian, Army Medic, Artist, Astronaut, Baby, Bag Lady, Ballerina, Bandit, Bank Robber, Bandito, Banshee, Barbie, Bartender, Bar Maid, Baseball Player, Basketball Player, Bat, Beach Bum, Beggar, Belly Dancer, Big Foot, Biker, Bird-Watcher, Black Cat, Bloody Mary, Boy Scout, Bride, Bullfighter, Bull rider, Bum, Burglar, Butcher, Butler, Caesar, Carpenter, Carrie, Cartoon Character, Cat, Catwoman, Caveman, Cereal Killer, Celebrity, Charles Manson, Cheerleader, Chef, Cigar Girl, Clown, Coach, Colonial Man or Woman Convict, Cop, Corpse, Country Girl, Cowboy, Cross-dresser.

Dead Prom Queen, Demon, Detective, Devil, Diver, Doctor, Dog, Dracula, Drag, Dragon, Drama Queen, Egyptian, Elf, Elvira, Equestrian, Egyptian, Elvis, Exorcist, Fairy, Farmer, Fireman, Flapper, Fonzie, Football Player, Fortune Teller, Frankenstein, Freddy Krueger, French Maid, Funeral Director .

Gangster, Gargoyle, Geisha, Genie, Ghost, GI Joe, Girl Scout, Goblin, Godzilla, Go-Go Girl, Goldilocks, Golfer, Gorilla, Gothic, Grandma, Gravedigger, Grim Reaper, Groom, Guitarist, Gymnast, Gypsy, Harajuku Girl, Harem, Harry Houdini, Harry Potter, Headless Horseman, Highlander, Hillbilly, Hippie, Hobo, Hockey Player, Hula Girl, Hunchback, Hunter, Imp, Indian, Insect.

Jack-o-Lantern, Jack the Ripper, Jailer, Janitor, Jason, Jester (Joker), Judge, King, Knight, Kung Fu, Lady, Leatherface, Leprechaun, Lifeguard, Limo Driver, Lion Tamer, Lizzie Borden, Lumberjack.

M&M, Mad Scientist, Magician, Maid, Mailman, Mannequin, Marilyn Monroe, Marine, Martian, Matador, Medium, Medusa, Mental Patient, Mermaid, Michael Myers, Mime, Miss America, Monster, Mortician, Movie Character, Movie Director, Mummy, Muscle Man, Music Conductor, Nerd, Ninja, Nomad, Nun, Nurse, Nymph, Old Man/Woman, Pat (from Saturday Night Live,) Peasant, Pilot, Pioneer, Pirate, Pixie, Playboy Bunny, Policeman, Political Candidate, The Pope, Postman, Pregnant Wife, President, Priest, Princess, Prisoner, Prom Queen, Prostitute, Pumpkin, Punk Rocker.

Queen, Race Car Driver, Rabbi, Rancher, Raven, Rebel, Redneck, Referee, Reporter, Ringmaster, Robber, Robin Hood, Robot, Rock Star, Rodeo Clown, Rumpelstiltskin, Sailor, Samurai, Scarecrow, School Girl, School Mascot, Scooby Doo, Security Guard, Seductress, Sheik, Shepherd, Sherlock Holmes, Singer, Skeleton, Sleepwalker, Soldier, Sorcerer, Sorceress, Spider, Spiderman, Squaw, Stalker, Star Wars Character, Statue of Liberty, Straight Jacket, Surgeon, Superman.

Teacher, Team Mascot, Toddler, Toga, Tourist, Toy Soldier, Tree, Troll, Uncle Sam, Undertaker, Vagrant, Vampire, Ventriloquist (with puppet,) Video Game Character (such as Master Chief from Halo or Sephiroth for Final Fantasy VII,) Viking, Vixen.

Waldo, Warrior, Werewolf, Wino, Witch, Wizard, Wolfman, Wrestler, Zeus, Zombie, Zorro.

Couple and Group Ideas

Adam and Eve, Alice in Wonderland, Anthony and Cleopatra, Batman and Robin, Beauty and the Beast, Bonnie and Clyde, Cast of TV Show or Movie, Celebrity Couple, Desperate Housewives, Dracula and Dracula's Bride, Farm Animals, Flintstones, Harem, Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunny, Jekyll & Hyde, Little Bo Peep and Sheep, Mario and Luigi, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Pall Bearers with Coffin, Playing Cards (Jack, Queen, King, Ace, Joker,) Prom King and Queen, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Rock Band/Group, Rock/Paper/Scissors, Romeo and Juliet, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Superheroes, The Three Little Pigs, The Three Musketeers, The Three Stooges, Toga Party (generic,) Tom and Jerry, Twins, Wizard of Oz.

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