Saturday, September 18, 2010

Halloween Candy Bar Covers and Mummy Treat Containers

Halloween candy bar covers, a simple and fun way to make candy bars festive.

For the mummy, stick two wiggly eyes at the top of the candy bar, wrap white crepe paper party streamer around the candy bar, fasten off with some tape.

For the bat print out template, cut bat out of black construction paper, add eyes, tape ends of candy bar wrapper to the back. Place candy bar inside bat and wrap wings around candy bar and fasten with double stick tape or a glue dot.

halloween party ideas

Mummy Treat Containers

This was meant to be a "last minute" craft in case you needed something quickand easy. However, I wonder how many people save toilet paper rolls like me? How last minute can it be if you need a slew of toilet papers rolls? So if you are my kindred spirit and have your toilet paper rolls waiting for that perfect craft here it goes. It is really so simple it doesn't need instructions.
Fill your toilet paper roll with treats. Wrap white crepe paper from a roll around the toilet paper holder to keep your goodies in (at least three times around). Glue two eyes on the front.

halloween party ideas

Now fold the crepe paper in half and begin wrapping your mummy

halloween party ideas

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