Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scary Party Recipes

Scary party recipes help make a Halloween party great! From appetizers that resemble bugs and reptiles to cakes shaped like intestines, scary party ideas add eerie flavor to traditional costume parties.
Halloween parties are fun for all ages. Younger children get scared more easily, so they are entertained eating chicken fingers with ketchup nails, witch cupcakes, and drinking blue lemonade. As kids get older and start enjoying the scary side of Halloween, party foods can become more gruesome. Pizza can be decorated with "body parts", calzones can be split open to show marinara sauce oozing out with sausage ("blood and guts"), and desserts can be cakes shaped and frosted to resemble skeletons, tombstones, or skulls.

halloween party recipes

With all of the sugar Halloween brings, it is important to add appetizers and meals into the party menu that will help curb the sugar highs. A popular scary party appetizer is bat wings, which are simply chicken wings blackened with Cajun spices or bbq sauce. A fun and tasty treat of Cheese Ball Pumpkins from Betty Crocker is satisfying and tasty. To make Cheese Ball Pumpkins, simply roll level tablespoons of cold packed smoked cheese into balls, and use a toothpick to make pumpkin ridges. Scatter broken peanuts around pumpkins, and take pretzel halves and stick into the pumpkin ball for stems.


Finger Punch is a Halloween party drink favorite, and easy to make. The combination of juices used depends on preference, but it is best to use cranberry juice for the fingers. To create the floating hand, pour cranberry juice into a plastic glove and tie tightly at end. Place in freezer until frozen, and add to punch bowl when ready to serve. Guests will love watching as the finger slowly melts and fingers break off.

halloween recipes ideas

The treats below require no baking just some readymade frosting and some Little Debbie's or Moon Pies.  Choose the readymade cakes of your liking (below are Little Debbie Squares) and readymade frosting and black jell frosting for the eyes.  Frosting will need to be heated just a little to make it easier to work with so microwave for about 10 seconds depending on your microwave.  Take a ziploc bag and fill it with the white frosting.  Squeeze it to the bottom of the bag to one corner and cut a very small hole in that corner.  Squeeze the frosting out slowly creating your design.  Use the black jell frosting for the eyes.  You can draw pumpkins as well by adding a little orange food coloring to white frosting.  As we get near Halloween there will be orange cakes and cookes sold at the stores that will but fun to decorate as well.  This is a great project for a class of youns students.

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