Sunday, September 19, 2010

Halloween Games-Bobbing for Apples


Object of the Game

Truly a classic Halloween game, this holiday amusement dates at least as far back as ancient Rome, when it was believed to be performed during the Roman harvest festival that honored the Goddess Pamona.

All you need for this fun filled Halloween game is a large plastic, metal or wooden tub filled most of the way to the top with water and some fresh apples. Plastic Halloween tubs like the one shown to the right are ideal for this game and can be found at most department stores during the Halloween season. Just be sure that you clean out the tub completely before using it for the game.

First, you will want to remove all of the stems from the apples and wash them thoroughly. Not to make to any harder than it has to be, we like to use smaller apples, as they tend to be easier to bite into. Next, fill the tub with an apple for each player and then fill it to within a few inches of the top with water. Its also a good idea to have some towels available for players to dry their faces off with.

The players now take turns trying to retrieve an apple with only their mouth by placing their heads in the tub. This is actually more difficult than it might seem, since the apples bob around as you try to bite into them.

Players who are able to retrieve an apple are rewarded with a prize. In the old days, a player who successfully retrieved an apple won a kiss from the player of his or her choice.

Hanging Apples Version

Another version of this game is to hang apples with string by there stems from the ceiling or if outdoors, from tree limbs at head level. Just like in the water version above, the object is to retrieve an apple using only your mouth. Just make sure to attach them securely or they will be pulled down as the players try to bite them.

The same applies in this version for the apples, with smaller one's being easier for players to bite into. This is great for an outdoor Halloween party as you can hang several apples from tree limbs for multiple players to try to bite.

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