Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creating a Halloween Garden


Halloween is a fun time for kids and adults alike. If you want to create a Halloween garden that tends to be a little macabre, consider creating a Gothic garden.

Turn your Yard into Creepsville

Instantly transform your current garden into a Gothic garden by adding a few accessories, such as a moon dial and gargoyles. Place a few concrete urns along a garden path or driveway and create a gate by using a panel of wrought iron. Spooky metal-ware can be purchased at garden centers and novelty stores, as can screaming masks that appear to drip blood and CDs of ghostly voices. Use these things to create a chilling effect near your door. Add a resin coffin and a few tombstones to turn your garden into a graveyard.

Creepy Creatures

Creepy creatures are a must for a Halloween Gothic garden. The perfect spooky creatures are bats. They will send chills up the spines of your visitors and they should be welcome in all gardens because they eat beneficial insects. In order to attract bats to our garden, grow plants that will attract night-flying insects. Remember to provide a roosting area for bats. You can make your own bat roost, or purchase one at your local garden center or online. Search the Internet for plans to make your own bat house. If you live in the South, don’t prune cabbage palm. These make great roosts for bats.

Garden Plants for Bats

Plants to grow to attract night-flying insects that bats will enjoy include cornflower, phlox, salvia, silene, spearmint and stock.


Toads love slugs and they will give your garden a warty appearance. Provide a water source where toads can lay eggs and raise their young. Also provide a toad house for shelter. A loose stack of rocks in a moist area is sufficient or prop an old flowerpot up on a rock or stick. Having toads in the garden is said to bring the homeowner good luck.


Your Gothic garden wouldn’t be complete without a few resident spiders. These creatures are a great source of pest control. When you find them in your garden, leave them be. Don’t kill them. Spider webs lend a spooky effect and are perfect for the Gothic garden.

Praying Mantis

Praying mantis is welcome in a Gothic garden. They are strictly carnivorous and will eat non-beneficial insects. Some garden centers and nurseries sell praying mantis eggs. Attach the egg cases to twigs and branches that are approximately one foot above the ground. It will take the eggs about eight weeks to hatch in warm weather. Each praying mantis egg case will produce about 200 insects, so you won’t need many.


Snakes can be both a blessing and a deterrent. They consume rodents, which are good, but they also eat frogs and toads. Be sure any snake that takes up residence in your garden is of the non-poisonous variety. To attract snakes to your garden provide a rock, wood or rubble pile. It won’t be long until at least one takes up residence.


Dragonflies are beautiful creatures. They cannot hurt humans, but they are frightening to some people. Dragonflies are beneficial insects that feed on mosquitoes. They also bring color to a garden. Attract dragonflies to your property by establishing a moving source of water. This could be as simple as installing a portable fountain. Place stakes in the yard so dragonflies will have a perch where they can rest. Remember, bug zappers will kill dragonflies and other beneficial insects, as will pesticides.


At one time ladybugs were considered to be both holy and magical creatures. People today associate ladybugs with good luck. They love to feast on aphids and other non-beneficial insects. Like praying mantis, ladybugs can be purchased at garden centers and nurseries. They can be stored in the refrigerator when they aren’t needed and released at any time. Ladybugs are always thirsty, so mist the garden with a fine spray before releasing them in the early evening.
Once you have completed your Gothic garden, you will see the dramatic impact that the accessories and creatures will make on your visitors. Your Halloween Gothic garden will be the talk of the neighborhood and people will flock to your yard to experience some real thrills and chills. Happy Halloween!

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