Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scary Party Decorations

The most important decoration for Halloween is the perfect scary costume. Once the perfect scary Halloween costume has been found, the focus turns toward the home. A scary party must include Halloween decorations , or the level of fear and the ability to interact with the scary party theme will be drastically reduced.
Scary decorations exist in all shapes and sizes. From small plastic spiders to huge airblown Halloween decorations, almost any theme can be mixed and matched at Halloween. Skeletons, witches, and pumpkins all belong together, and can be placed within the house and outdoors. It is essential to decorate the exterior of your home, so guests can begin to feel the tingling sensation of thrills to come before they even enter the home. Guests should arrive in costume, and your home should be dressed in costume.

halloween scary decorations

Kids may be too young for the scary blood and skeletons often associated with scary parties, so for the toddler and early school age children, Halloween decorations can also incorporate Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, fo a more kid-friendly atmosphere. For older kids and adults, crime scenes, scary hands, glow in the dark ghosts, large hairy spiders, and light up eyes are all great decorations. It's fun to erect tombstones in the yard, or place decorations on the ground that are designed to resemble dead people crawling out of their grave.

Orange, purple, or black lights can be strung out around the house or placed in stakes along the driveway or incorporated into landscaping. Flicker flame lights resembles fire and are perfect for Halloween. Halloween lights projectors are also great for use during Halloween parties, casting images of ghosts, spiders, witches, and skulls across the front of your home, or use indoors within one of the party rooms.

Spider webs are great for use all throughout the home, inside and out. Attached small black plastic spiders for a spine chilling effect. Fake spider webs are great if making a Haunted House. Haunted Houses are great ideas for homes that have a downstairs area or basement. The descent from the Halloween party zone into a dimly lit Haunted House is a thrilling experience, and offering a Haunted House during a scary party allows party goers to experience the fun without the long waits and prices associated with public Haunted Houses. If you are throwing a party for adults but have kids in the house, this is a great way to keep the kids entertained. Dress them in scary costumes and assign them stations throughout the haunted house, and send guests down only a few at a time. This will provide hours of amusement as older kids get to jump out and scare family and friends. If the party is for kids, assign the parents of the kids roles and offer them costumes. They will also get a thrill frightening their unexpected children, plus it allows them to remain on location while their kids can enjoy the party without their direct supervision.

The pumpkin decoration above is very simple and easy to create. Take three pumpkins of different proportions and cut the tops off and clean them out as you normally would. Cut a decoration of your liking out (the holes in the pumpkin above are made with a drill). Cut the bottoms off of the two that are going to be stacked and make sure that they will fit securely. Cut a hole in the back of the large pumpkin large enough to pull the string of lights through. Pull the lights through and stack the pumpkins on top of each other distributing the lights evenly throughout each pumpkin. LED battery powered lights are the easiest lights to use due to they don't have any power cords hanging out of the back and you don't have to use a power outlet. You can use florist tape to make them stay in place. After you have finished the pumpkins add some twigs and leaves to give it the finishing touches. The idea is from Southern Living which has a lot of great Halloween decorating ideas.

halloween scary decorations

halloween pumkin decoration


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