Monday, August 30, 2010

Halloween Fireplace

Many of us have a fireplace in our home, but seldom take advantage of it as a place to display Halloween decorations. Be sure to clean out the fireplace thoroughly before placing your Halloween decorations inside or they will get covered with ashes and soot. Also, clean the glass front so that the decorations will be as visible as possible.

Halloween Fireplace

For a fireplace effect the creates a nice, warm Halloween glow, we place a large plastic lighted Jack O' Lantern inside, on top of the grate. The jumbo sized "Sparkle Pumpkin", purchased at a Target department store during October is a beautiful Halloween decoration that has the outside appearance of being crystallized and really shines when the internal light is switched on. This really makes your fireplace and the room its in, glow with a spirited orange radiance from within.

halloween decorations for fireplace

Hanging Legs

For a bit of dark humor, here's an easy to setup Halloween decoration that will creep out your guests and make them laugh at the same time. All you need is a pair of fake novelty feet/legs, that you hang from inside the fireplace. These inexpensive fake legs can be found at most department stores during the Halloween season. They are only made as left feet, but your guests probably won't notice.
Halloween Decor for fireplace
Fireplace Facade
Fireplace Decorations


Every great haunted mansion or castle has a creepy fireplace mantle. This Gothic Fireplace consists of three pieces. The columns on either side are adorned with a skull in the center & ornamental carvings at the top & base. The center mantle piece has a winged vampire skull carving at the center with skeleton spider images at each corner & at the top center. This set includes some assembly hardware. Pilot holes are not drilled to allow for custom assembly configurations. You set the height of the mantle in relation to the columns.

Halloween Ideas for fireplace

By simply decorating for Halloween the natural focal point of a room, its fireplace, you can create a Halloween Look for the whole room. Below are four Halloween decorating ideas for your fireplace and mantle. All are quick and easy ways to get in the "spirit" of Halloween.

Halloween Ideas for fireplace

Convert a cluster of small, three to six inch pumpkins into candle holders for your fireplace mantle or hearth. With a knife, cut off each pumpkin's stem. Then, with an apple corer, remove a cylindrical core from the pumpkins. Stick a candle into each pumpkin. Use black and orange candles in your mini-pumpkin candle holders for a Halloween look or candles in yellows, burnt orange and mellow browns for an autumnal display.

Halloween Decorations

Sometimes just finding a safe, highly visible spot to put your jack-o'-lantern is an issue. •If you are not using your fireplace for fires, it is a great place for your jack-o'-lantern. Being designed to hold fire, it is a super safe place for a jack-o'-lantern with one or more candles inside it. Put jack-o'-lantern on your fireplace grate or you can place it on the floor of the fireplace. Your fireplace is the visual focal point of a room, so featuring one or more lit jack-o'-lanterns there can be either the total extent of your Halloween decorating or a striking main decoration.

Halloween Decor for fireplace

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